the smart address book for your company.

It's up-to-date.

Most likey, your contact system looks pretty much like everyone's else: like a mess. The information that is old, and most probably there's one person or a few trying to keep everything in order.

ambadoo let all staff members update their own contact info, so everyone in the company always have the latest updated info. Simple as that.

it's a time saver.

Think about the time you, and all employees spend on trying to find the right number etc. before you contact the one you want, or even trying to figure out who that might be.

Then add the time for the staff trying to keep order of all contact details to everyone, the impossible task. When everyone is updating their own contact info, that time can be spent on better things, like doing business.

it's more.

ambadoo is more than an address book, it's a system to keep you, your company, and your customers always in touch. All staff members get a online public profile, a 2.0 business card, powered and updated from the app.

ambadoo can be extended and integrated in just about anything through its API. The limitation is only in the imagination.

the address book

Get your own self-updating address book, with custom design, logo & colors for your company.

where your staff

Contacts at a glance, with photos of your colleagues & status updates to know what's up within the team.

takes care of it

Every staff member update their own contact info to make sure it's always up-to-date and correct. The information can be shared within the company or publicly.

updates their status

Let your colleagues know what you’re up to. On a way into a meeting or having to leave early, this status update is a perfect way to say how you're most easily reached.


All departments are quickly accessed from the main view, so one can easily find people around the place.

contact view

Get an overview of your friends. Where they are and what they're up to before you contact them. Maybe they're on a road-trip or in a meeting when you call them and texting or email them makes more sense.

location aware

Staff can let each other know whereabout they are in the world, for a better understanding of how to be reached.

add anything

There's no limit on how many numbers, emails and addresses one can have. And all info can be shared within the company or publicly, with everyone.

something's missing?

Is there a feature missing for your needs? No problem, we're ready to build it. Let us know your needs and we'll figure it out together.

company directory

Get your own staff directory. Both to use within the company or for the customers, or both. You can decide if you want it public or not, and what information that appears.


Search among the people to fast find the one you need. Why scroll when you can simply type in the name. It's super fast and works both on desktop and mobile.

Grid / List

Sometimes it's easier to find someone by their face, than the name so we created the Grid mode with photos of everyone, but you can easily switch to a normal list mode.

staff pages

Every staff member can get their own contact page like to share with people. It's controlled from the app itself so one can easily edit it on the go, and update when your're travelling.

A signature

It's perfect to include in email signatures or wherever you normally hand out contact information. Always direct people to the URL for the latest contact info.


The staff pages are made with responsive design to fit well both for computers, tablets and mobile use.


The design can be changed to integrate well with your corporate image, and can easily be incorporated in your existing websites with a simple javascript snippet.

contact us

Get in touch with us for a price estimate and so we make the beautiful custom adress book for you. We need to know a little bit about your company, so just drop us a line and we'll get back to you.

ambadoo AB

we're based in Malmö, the 'appicenter' of southern Sweden. You're more than welcome to come by for a coffee.

you'll of course find all our updated contact info on if you want to get in touch with us in another way than the form. Feel free.