Ever since forever, we've managed our contacts manually, one by one. When we meet each other we ask 'so what's your number' or whatever we now need and then type it in.

As time goes by, we move, change our jobs, and things change. We try to reach out, tell people about the news but much info get lost over time.

Of course, it's not easy to keep track on everyone's change, so why not turn things up-side-down? If we only have one single profile to update, our own, changes are that it's correct. Because who knows how to contact you better than you?

That's the basic idea that got us started. One profile, one worry. As soon as you change your profile, everyone will have the update, without having to do anything.

Life can be complex. You might live in different cities, you have more than one job and you have your private life that you don't want to mix with your professional.

You can have as much or as little contact information as you wish, all to make it suite your life. When you land in a new city or country you just update your profile with the relevant contact info and swoosh, your contacts are updated and call you without even notice you're gone.

And if you think about it, wouldn't it be nice to have an address book that was just magically taking care of itself, crowd-curated, always with the latest info. It was a tempting vision we couldn't resist from realizing.

Making our life easier, that's what ambadoo is all about. Less things to take care of and more time to hang out with the people you love, going from 'how do I reach you?' to 'when do we meet?'

So, when do we meet?

love, ambadoo

[ description ]

ambadoo is a self-updating social address book - letting you always have the latest contact info to people you care about.

It's simple. You take care of your contact info, and your friends take care of their.

When a friend changes a phone number, e-mail or address you’ll have it instantly so you always have the latest, correct and updated info to reach them when you need it. And vice versa.

All contacts and information are stored online, so even if your phone gets lost, your contacts will be saved.

[ contacts ]

  1. :: always up-to-date contact information
  2. :: rich contact list with photos and updates
  3. :: search people by name or tags
  4. :: see friend’s latest location
  5. :: see list of people with same tag
  6. :: in-app calling, sms & email
  7. :: add people from your twitter & facebook friends
  8. :: add favorites

[ profile ]

  1. :: add unlimited phone numbers, e-mails, urls, addresses etc
  2. :: add tags with interests, events etc
  3. :: add photo
  4. :: set username (ambadoo.com/username)
  5. :: share profile via facebook, twitter, e-mail & sms
  6. :: label your contact info with whatever appropriate

[ status ]

  1. :: let people know what you’re up to
  2. :: share location
  3. :: add photo
  4. :: share to Facebook

[ updates ]

  1. :: get push notifications when someone adds you
  2. :: see who’s added you, and add them too
  3. :: see the most recent profile updates
  4. :: see updates/news from ambadoo


Your new contacts view. Compare with your current one, and smile. Photos of your friends and their status updates makes your address book human and alive.

contact view

Get an overview of your friends. Where they are and what they're up to before you contact them. Maybe they're on a road-trip or in a meeting when you call them and texting or email them makes more sense.

last location

Check out where your friends latests locations. They might be around the corner and up for a coffee.


Your profile: the only stuff you'll need to keep up-to-date. It's one contact to manage, unlike now when you have to add all info about everyone yourself.

add and edit stuff

Add/edit phone numbers, emails, urls or addresses with a breeze. When you're on the road, just add the temporary new number so your friends always can reach you.


Let your people know what you’re up to. Updates will appear on your profile and in your friends’ address books. You can share your location, and/or the message to your facebook friends too.


ambadoo is a self-updating global contact system. The mission is to make contact management easier by taking care of your own contact info. ambadoo AB is based in Malmö, Sweden.


Petter Palander

Is the founder of ambadoo and has its roots in architecture, but decided in 2008 to take on the mission to make the dream of a complete & accurate address book real and founded ambadoo together with Rafael Rebolleda.


Rafael Rebolleda

Is co-founder of ambadoo and has been working with the web for the past ten years. He actually had some prior technical knowledge so the dream could actually be real. Rafael is based in Madrid


Daniel Krusenstråhle

Daniel has been working professionally with the web since late 90's and got involved with ambadoo in a student project late -09 and has since been working with us being the power coder he is.


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